Sociology is first and foremost a science. A science guided by the basic understanding that “the social matters; our lives are affected, not only by our individual characteristics but by our place in the social world.”

Sociology is:

  • The study of society
  • A social science involving the study of the social lives of people, groups, and societies
  • The study of our behavior as social beings, covering everything from the analysis of short contacts between anonymous individuals on the street to the study of global social processes
  • The scientific study of social aggregations, the individual characteristics, experiences, or behaviors that is used to reflect a collective phenomena for an entire population.
  • An overarching unification of all studies of humankind, including history, psychology and economics

At WCC, we offer a number of courses in sociology that offer students a small glimpse into the world of sociology and the educational opportunities available at the bachelors, masters and doctorate level.

Course Available:

SOC 100: Principles of Sociology (on campus and online)

SOC 202: Criminology

SOC 205: Race and Ethnic Relations (on campus and online)

SOC 206: Introduction to Women and Gender Studies

SOC 207: Social Problems

SOC 220: Group Dynamics and Counseling

SOC 225: Family Social Work

SOC 230: Marriage and Family

SOC 250: Juvenile Delinquency