Psychology is one of the most popular college degrees sought. A degree in psychology offers a number of options for employment. During the process of getting a degree in psychology students are exposed to a wide array of topics. With a masters and Ph.D. in psychology, the opportunity for employment expands considerably.  Post-graduate degrees in psychology include: Clinical Psychology, Counseling Psychology, School Psychology, Industrial/Organizational Psychology, Neuropsychology, Sports Psychology and many other options.

At WCC, we have a number of courses in psychology that offer students a small glimpse at the educational opportunities available at the bachelors, masters and doctorate level.

Course Available:

PSY 100 Introduction to Psychology (on campus and online)

PSY 107 African – American Psychology

PSY 117 Psychology of Parenting

PSY 150 Psychology of Work (online only)

PSY 200 Child Psychology (on campus and online)

PSY 206 Lifespan Developmental Psychology (on campus and online)

PSY 210 Behavior Modification (on campus and online)

PSY 220 Human Development and Learning (on campus and online)

PSY 240 Drugs, Society, and Human Behavior (on campus and online)

PSY 251 Education of Exceptional Children

PSY 257 Abnormal Psychology (on campus and online)

PSY 260 Introduction to Human Sexuality

PSY 296 Neuropsychology of Addiction

PSY 297 Assessment of Co-occurring Disorders

PSY 298 Treatment of Addiction